2008 Piramide Inn
Thank you for your interest in the Piramide Inn. All our rooms have two large beds, fan, air-conditioning and private bath for 600 Pesos (MXN) per day for up to 2 people (taxes included).
Additional adults in the same room are an extra 50 Pesos. We have a suite with 4 double beds for 800.00 Pesos. Children 12 and under are free.
If you prefer to use Visa or MasterCard, there is a fee of 90 Pesos beyond the cost of the room, for each day.
Camping in the garden is available for 100 Pesos per person per day with your own tent or hammock, with full access to bathrooms, showers, pool and restaurant.
The current exchange rate is approximately 25 pesos to the dollar.
No deposit is required, just tell us if your plans change. Let me know if I can make a reservation for you by filling out the reservation form.
Your Host , Piramide Inn

2008 Piramide Inn